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Industry Advisory Board

Dean Dransfield
Managing Director
Dransfield Hotels and Resorts

Dean Dransfield established Dransfield Hotels & Resorts in 1993. Dean is a chartered accountant by training and a reformed liquidator. Dransfield Hotels & Resorts is a specialist professional services organisation advising tourism and hospitality enterprises. Dransfield services include hotel development and investment, asset management, finance and advisory services, transaction management, shared ownership, strata title, operational consulting and independent experts reports.

Dean has been involved in the full range of tourism projects involving over 55,000 rooms in more than 500 enterprises from backpack to five star deluxe hotels and resorts throughout Australia and parts of South East Asia. Dransfield Hotels & Resorts has acted for many of the major developers, operators and financiers. Dean’s focus is on providing forward looking value added advice, a philosophy that created the Hotel Futures publications which are relied on by industry participants.