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Code of Conduct

Each property that is licensed to display a Star Rating must also agree to abide by a strict Code of Conduct. Star Rated property owners and managers must:

  • Give conscientious attention to guest care and service. Rude, indifferent or poor service is unacceptable
  • Regard all guests with equal respect and consideration
  • Give full consideration to the particular requirements of guests with disabilities and guests with special needs, and make suitable provision where applicable
  • Ensure all guest enquiries, requests, bookings, refunds and correspondence are dealt with promptly and courteously
  • Advise guests at the time of booking (and subsequently if requested), of any differences in the accommodation and facilities provided from that promoted by the property
  • Ensure guests are informed of all the terms and conditions of the booking contract including the terms of payment and any cancellation conditions, prior to or at the time of making the booking
  • Not provide information concerning an individual guest to another entity without the guest’s permission, or unless required by law
  • Operate on an ethical, business-like basis
  • Ensure that advertising (including brochures or other printed or electronic media) is accurate and truthful, and free of ambiguity which could create a misleading impression or otherwise be contrary to the guest’s interests
  • Establish and maintain procedures for the effective handling of any complaints. Ensure all complaints are dealt with properly and reasonably
  • Act in an environmentally responsible way