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You Can Trust a Star Rating

The number of licensed Stars displayed by a property – whether displayed online or hung outside a door – gives you a huge amount of information in the blink of an eye.

  1. Whether a property is rated 1 Star or 5 Stars, the rating tells you a property has met the quality standards expected of a 1 Star and 5 Star property.
  2. It also tells you the type of guest experience you can expect and the relevant price point – whether you want to be luxuriously indulged (5 Star) or have a no-frills but safe and secure stay sleeping in a clean bed  (1 Star).
Star Ratings have never been more useful as they are in the digital age with its countless online listings and customer reviews. When you’re looking for a 3 Star property, filter your listings to show all the official 3 Star properties, and then begin exploring customer reviews and ratings.

Don’t trust self-ratings! They are no better than a cubic zirconia 'diamond' engagement ring, a fake photo on a dating website or exaggerating on your resumé.



Are They for Real?
Don't Trust Self Ratings

  1. The majority of self-rated properties use ‘dots’ instead of Stars. They follow the same 1-5 scale as an independent Star Rating and even use half ‘dots’.
  2. Don’t trust online property descriptions that refer to a Star Rating standard (e.g. “relax in 4.5 star comfort” or “enjoy 5 star service”). Confirm they have held their property to independent Star Ratings quality standards.
  3. Add to your travel website 'favourites' and check our search engine of Australia's most reputable accommodation operators.
  4. Severe cleanliness and condition issues relate specifically to the independent Star Ratings criteria. Take a photo and send us the evidence. If they are a Star Ratings licensee, we can ‘mystery shop’ the property to determine if a downgrade is warranted.
  5. Check the booking cancellation terms and conditions before you pay