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Why is a Travellers’ Rating important?

A Travellers’ Rating shows you something we can’t – the actual guest experience.

Star Ratings are a mark of quality and are determined at a moment in time by a qualified independent review of guest facilities. We are experts in applying more than 200 criteria to produce a Star Rating, but we are not paying guests.

Don’t forget that properties which display a Star Rating are the most reputable in Australia because they have held themselves to our independent quality standards.

You can trust a Star Rating and now that you can also see an overall Travellers’ Rating that represents guest reviews from hundreds of websites, we’re confident you’ll make the right choice when it comes time to book.

Whatever you do - don’t trust self ratings!

They are no better than a cubic zirconia 'diamond' engagement ring, a fake photo on a dating website or exaggerating on your resumé.