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How the Ratings Work

Star Ratings is basically a process of application, assessment and ongoing review.

After your application has been received, one of our team visits your property at an appointed time. He or she uses a set of criteria to 'measure' every aspect of your property. This assessment determines whether or not you will be licensed to be Star Rated and the level of your Rating.

If you gain a Rating, your property will then be reviewed for a Star Rating once every three years. This cycle is designed to support industry best practices for ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ property refurbishments, as well as to help you manage your asset and get the most return on your investment.

Following each property review we can identify areas for improvement, areas to maintain or even increase your Star Rating. This not only helps you plan quality refurbishments, it helps you attract quality guests.  

'Out of Cycle’ reviews can be requested when you have completed refurbishment work.

We endeavour to visit new properties within three months. During that time they are classified as “New Property - Yet To Be Rated” on

Don't forget that you receive a FREE dashboard of online guest reviews from more than 100 websites in 45 different languages. If you have 25 reviews or more then you will receive an exclusive Travellers' Rating score out of ten on your property listing. 
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