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Consumer Complaints

We take consumer complaints seriously.

If a Star Rated property is found to be in breach of our Code of Conduct, or if a major issue is raised with any aspect of accommodation standards, then we will act immediately.

All complaints are attended to and can result in a property being assessed through ‘mystery guest’ services provided by the Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA). This sees qualified specialists visiting the property incognito to substantiate a major complaint.

The Consumer Complaint Process

  1. A mystery guest visit will be triggered by a complaint of severe cleanliness and/or condition issues, or if a property has received more than three minor complaints about rude service, poor cleanliness and/or unsatisfactory condition.
  2. Star Ratings Australia management will brief AAoA mystery guest contractors on the specific nature or scope of the complaint and request an independent report following an unannounced property visit.
  3. Management will alert the property to the complaint and the independent report.
  4. Management will determine what action is required, pending the outcome of the unannounced property visit and recommendations of the independent report.