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Rating Disputes

Following extensive consultation with the Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA), agreement was reached on a framework that strengthens industry involvement in the independent Star Ratings scheme.

In particular, an independent panel of commercial accommodation sector experts will review Star Rating disputes on a quarterly basis to provide a determination of the Star Rating result following considered review of all positions.

The Rating Dispute Process

  1. If you disagree with your Star Rating result you can lodge an appeal with Star Ratings Australia management.
  2. Management will work with licensees to resolve the dispute, including an audit of the Star Rating review report, and/or the application of an Allowance and Dispensation to retain your Star Rating.
  3. Unresolved disputes will be referred to the independent AAoA panel who will meet quarterly. An onsite property visit may result, depending on the panel’s deliberations.
  4. The independent AAoA panel will provide recommendations to Star Ratings Australia management.