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What Your Guest Wants

Consumer Importance Weighting Index is used as part of the Star Ratings assessment process. It is a proven evaluation technique originally developed by the Sustainable Tourism CRC at Victoria University.

Each of the three key assessment areas – Facilities and Services, Cleanliness, and Quality and Condition – are applied to different aspects of a property, for instance, bedrooms, bathrooms, recreational facilities, in-room facilities and so on.

Each of these aspects has been ranked by Australian travellers according to what's important to them. It is no surprise that the bedroom and bathroom are the most important and carry the most weight. That’s where your guests spend most of their time!

Within each of these aspects, guests have similarly placed greater and lesser value on things that make up their experience. So, within the bedroom, guests place most value on the bed/size of the mattress, followed by bedding and window coverings/privacy.

To see a summary of what is important to your guests, click on the relevant category below.