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Be more visible to travellers

The number of licensed Stars displayed by a property – whether displayed online or hung outside your door – conveys a huge amount of information to potential guests in the blink of an eye.

  • Whether your property has earned a 1 Star or a 5 Star Rating, your guests are assured of one thing: that you have been independently reviewed according to Australian standards of quality, cleanliness and condition.
  • Potential guests might use your Star Rating as a quick guide to the level of facilities, amenities and services being offered. They might also use them to get an indication of the associated price point of the property.
  • Star Ratings have never been more useful as they are in the digital age with its myriad online listings and reviews. The fact is, if customers are looking for a 3 Star property, they will filter listings to show all 3 Star properties, and then begin exploring consumer reviews or ratings. Put another way, your Star Rating immediately gets you onto their shortlist.

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