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Realise the Potential of Your Asset

Without strong overseeing of commercial maintenance and refurbishment programs, guest facilities can deteriorate rapidly – and with them the reputation of a property.

A focus on quality and condition will not only realise the commercial returns from day-to-day operations, it will ultimately increase the property's value when it's time to sell.

How to Manage Your Asset

  • Plan for ‘soft’ refurbishments (e.g. carpeting, bedspreads, seating, fabrics) every 3-7 years depending on the quality standards of your property.
  • Plan for ‘hard’ refurbishments (e.g. beds, furniture, bathrooms) every 7-15 years.
  • Properties that innovate and renovate in line with consumer preferences will sustain higher occupancy and average daily rate.
  • Timing is everything – invest when demand and profitability are strong.
  • An ongoing refurbishment cycle can drive operating efficiencies and improve productivity.
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