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Show you’re legitimate - hold yourself to independent standards

The 'Stars' (symbol and logo) are a trademark used in more than 70 countries. They have become synonymous with independently reviewed guest facilities and amenities.

In Australia, only Star Ratings Australia has the right to license the use of Stars as an independent benchmark of quality accommodation standards.

Accommodation is at the heart of any destination experience and a key part of growing domestic and international visitor numbers. As an industry we are committed to developing quality product; as part of that, the independent Star Ratings scheme represents the most recognised mark of quality standards in Australian tourism.

By holding yourself to independent quality standards you are demonstrating your personal commitment to our industry’s long term success. You are also following industry best practice in managing your asset and maximising return on investment.

Self-rated properties recognise the value of a rating system to help consumers choose with confidence, but don't like having the standards set by an independent rating system. They want to play in the league but don't like the rules!

Self-rating properties are NOT licensed to display Stars and those which do so are in breach of Australian law.

Star Ratings Australia will be enforcing proper practices and clamping down on those who contravene them. This will ensure that the Stars continue to be a faithful guide to quality accommodation standards.


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