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Hosted Accommodation

To be eligible for a Hosted Accommodation Star Rating your property should meet the following requirements: 
  • A resident host/manager must offer reception services (check-in/check-out) as well as interact with guests throughout the course of their stay.
  • Guests must be able to contact a property representative in the case of an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact details and phone numbers must be clearly displayed in-room and/or onsite.
  • Full and/or continental breakfast must be included in the rate*.
  • Bedding (blankets/quilts, sheets and pillow, applicable to local climate) must be provided for all beds and included in the rate.
  • One towel per guest and a bath mat must be provided and included in the rate.
  • Soap (or dispensed liquid soap) must be provided per guest and included in the rate.
  • Daily housekeeping services are available for all guests.
  • Shower and toilet may be shared with other guests (but not the resident host/manager).
  • All wardrobes, drawers and cupboards on the property must be clear of owner/manager‘s belongings.

* NOTE: full and/or continental breakfast includes:

  • Cooked, prepared and served by the resident host/manager; OR
  • Breakfast provisions supplied for duration of guest’s stay. Facilities to be provided for guests to cook/prepare their meals.
Hosted Accomodation
Click here to download the Star Rating Criteria for Hosted Accommodation.