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Scheme Entry Criteria

To be eligible to be Star Rated, you will need to meet the following criteria:
  • The property holds all relevant insurances, including workers compensation as well as public liability, to the value of $10,000,000
  • The property complies with all relevant and applicable legal and/or regulatory obligations, including compliance with all Competition and Consumer Act, Consumer Affairs, and Occupational Health and Safety obligations
  • The property is effectively maintained and clean for all guests at all times 
  • The property can provide evidence of formalised housekeeping procedures 
  • Guests have 24 hour ease-of-access to their accommodation 
  • All guest accommodation has lockable entry doors and secure windows
  • All guest accommodation has effective visual and physical privacy from exterior areas or locations
  • Clear and visible signage is displayed for the property, including the display of the official Star Rating relevant for that property and in a visible position for all guests
  • The property owner/manager has notified Star Ratings Australia of all rooms that are available for guest accommodation
  • The property agrees that Star Ratings Australia reserves the right to request a physical assessment at any time and according to the relevant category standards (subject to reasonable prior notification)
  • The property has a dedicated website and/or email address and can accept bookings year-round
  • The property complies with the Star Ratings Scheme Code of Conduct 
  • The Operator has notified Star Ratings Australia of all units of accommodation inventory available at the Property and that inventory is available for temporary or holiday guest accommodation (as distinct from any form of temporary, permanent or semi-permanent residential accommodation).
  • Failure to comply with the Scheme Entry Criteria will result in the suspension of the property’s Star Rating application or removal of the property from the Star Ratings Scheme.