When independent Star Ratings were introduced in the 1960s, the criteria in Australia was based only on the facilities or amenities offered to guests.

Industry and consumer expectations have changed greatly since then, especially with the advent of the internet and online consumer ratings and reviews.

Presently, 90% of Australian travellers want the Star Ratings scheme to measure the quality of guest facilities. Our assessment criteria was amended in 2011 to reflect this; today, the criteria we use to determine a Star Rating have been ranked by Australian travellers according to what’s important to them.

A Star Rating now represents the quality, condition and cleanliness of guest facilities at the time of an independent property review. It also represents up to 60% of available inventory so the consumer can confidently book a room and expect a consistent quality standard.

Our trademarks

In Australia, the Stars are the exclusive property and trademarks of Star Ratings Australia, which has the exclusive right to use them and grant the license to use them.

Properties that hold themselves up to the independent standards of the Star Rating scheme in Australia are licensed to use Star Ratings in their advertising and promotional material. This includes incorporating any material consisting of stars, the term ‘stars’ with a number (in numerals or words) or any mark which is substantially identical or deceptively similar.

Properties that do not own a Star Rating licence cannot refer to a Star Rating standard or use a Star Rating at all; those that do are in breach of our trademarks.

A monitoring program is in place to protect Star Rating licensees and to ensure Australian properties displaying Stars in any form are licensed to do so.

Self-rated’ properties displaying or referring to Stars – in any form – that have not been licensed will be sent legal notices.

If non-compliance is seen to have occurred, legal action will be taken.

We encourage all licensees to be vigilant and to alert Star Ratings Australia to potential trademark breaches.

Licensees are invited to report any suspected non-compliance by emailing info@starratings.com.au