Star Ratings are your safeguard against 'self-ratings' - properties who have assessed their own quality standards. A Star Rating is determined by more than 200 criteria that have been ranked by Australian travellers according to what is important to them. The rating is independently verified, ensuring customers can have confidence in the rating assigned to each property. 

As part of your Star Rating, we also verify your business standards, with properties needing to complete Level One accreditation through the Quality Tourism Framework to ensure the minimum business standards are met.

To apply for a Star Rating:

  • Create an account for the property in our online platform here
  • Your State Program Manager will get in contact and send through an invoice to pay
  • Once invoice is paid you will be able to log back into the online platform. At the bottom of the dashboard in the 'Apply for' section, choose QTAB from the dropdown menu and click 'Apply.'
  • The accreditation module will now show in the Accreditation Summary section of your dashboard.
  • Click 'View More Detail.' This will open a new page.
  • Click 'Assessment.' This will open a new page with the application questions.

As you work through the application there are resources and templates to assist, these are available by clicking on the blue question marks. 

Once your application is submitted we will review it, and when it is approved you can apply for your Star Rating:

  • In the Star Rating section of your dashboard click 'View More Detail.' This will open a new page.
  • Click 'Apply for Star Rating'
  • Complete and submit the pre-assessment for your Star Rating, providing the details of the Facilities & Services, and Quality & Condition for your property.

We will complete a desktop review and confirm or return your pre-assessment. Once approved, you will receive a preliminary Star Rating straight away, which you are eligible to use in digital collateral. We will conduct your site visit to confirm your official Star Rating, which may be higher or lower than your preliminary rating. This can then be used in all printed and digital collateral.

Your State Program Managers will be here to assist you through the process.